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Will J. Quebec

Profit: $ 35,345

“In the last three months, I have made $35,345.44 in profits from an initial investment of $300. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have registered with Bitcoin Optimizer. This trading system literally makes money for you while you sleep.”

Lisa L. London

Profit: $ 8581

“Thanks to the Bitcoin Optimizer robot, bitcoin trading is now easier and more profitable. I am very lucky to have stumbled upon this trading platform. A daily profit of up to 60% is not something I would have expected from auto-trading.”

Frank M. Stanford

Profit: $ 21,939

“I have been drowning in student debts for years, but now there is hope. It’s now a month since I started trading with Bitcoin Optimizer, and it has already helped me clear $20k. At this pace, I should clear the debt in the next six months.”

Rachael G. Newark

Profit: $ 8113

“Bitcoin Optimizer works like a charm, especially if you follow its trading instructions. I started trading with it a week ago and have consistently earned over $500 in daily profits. The profitability rate seems to increase with reinvestments.”

Insane Profitability

Bitcoin Optimizer is perhaps the only free robot that can make you wealthy in less than a year of trading. We are a viral trading platform with tens of thousands of reviews on leading independent consumer review sites. 

AI-Powered Trading Algorithms

Our trading robot is a pioneer in the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in crypto CFDs trading. This technology is the most revered in the auto-trading sector and has proven to have the potential to generate highly accurate trading signals. Bitcoin Optimizer uses AI subsets of ML, NLP, and DL, to conduct technical and fundamental analysis.

Award-winning mobile trading app

The Bitcoin Optimizer trading system is available in web and mobile versions. You can download the iOS and Android versions of the mobile app on our website for free. Please note that only registered users can download. Our mobile apps are intuitive and come with advanced features to help you trade while on the go.



The Bitcoin Optimizer Profit Trade Time Cryptocurrency Result
Jacob T. $1094 25/02/2021 LTC/EOS tick
Matthew M. $903 25/02/2021 ETH/LTC tick
Alexis F. $860 25/02/2021 BTC/ETH tick
Samantha D. $737 25/02/2021 EOS/ETH tick
Christopher H. $1371 25/02/2021 LTC/EOS tick
Brandon S. $792 25/02/2021 BTC/ETH tick
Megan R. $608 25/02/2021 ETH/LTC tick
Alyssa L. $1399 25/02/2021 EOS/ETH tick
Joseph V. $765 25/02/2021 LTC/EOS tick
Kayla W. $699 25/02/2021 BTC/ETH tick


Step 1

Register an account with us by submitting your name, email, and phone number through the registration form on the top right corner of this page.

Step 2

Deposit not less than USD 250 in trading capital through a matched partner broker. Your funds are safe with us since our brokers are regulated.

Step 3

Switch on the live trader to start making money from our robot. You can sit back and watch as our algorithms generate insane profits for you.



Is Bitcoin Optimizer profitable?

Yes! We are a profitable system. Our system has proven over the years to have the power to generate daily profits of up to 60%.This means that users can grow their investment significantly especially through compounding. 

Is Bitcoin Optimizer a scam?

Most people are sceptical about our trading system profitability rate until they try it. We are a reputable trading platform with extensive media coverage. Our trading system is widely featured in the mainstream media. 

How much profit does Bitcoin Optimizer generate?

The profitability rate with us is tied to the invested capital, trading settings, and general market conditions. You can make more by investing more but always remember that all forms of trading come at a risk. Under the right settings and volatile markets, you can make up to 60% in profits.

How do I withdraw profits on Bitcoin Optimizer?

Click the manage funds tab to be taken to the matched broker withdrawal page. Fill and submit the request form. Your funds should reflect in your bank account in the next 12 hours. You can automate the withdrawal process.

Is Bitcoin Optimizer an MLM?

Bitcoin Optimizer is not an MLM, and neither is it a Ponzi scheme. We generate profits for our users by speculating on bitcoin through CFDs.  Real and verifiable trading technologies power our trading robot. Moreover, we are recognized as a legit robot globally.

Is Bitcoin Optimizer legit and safe?

Yes! We are legit and have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to safety features. These include military-grade level encryption and a cyber response team to address any potential threats. We also take data privacy regulations seriously and are therefore compliant with laws such as the GDPR.

An in-depth look into Bitcoin Optimizer

What is Bitcoin Optimizer?

You’re probably aware that automation is taking over professional jobs in most sectors at a breathtaking speed. In finance, trading robots are nowadays all the rage with most investors preferring them over humans.

Leading trading robots such as Bitcoin Optimizer are reportedly fifteen times more profitable than the world top traders. Moreover, the costs of trading through an automated system are lower than those of hiring a professional wealth manager.

Bitcoin Optimizer is a trading system that exclusively speculates on bitcoin through a financial derivative known as a Contract for Difference (CFD).

How do I trade with Bitcoin Optimizer?

Trading with us is easy for those who are willing to read and follow trading instructions. We are an auto-trading system, and hence zero skills are needed to trade with us successfully.

The trading instructions that every user must read before trading with us are explained in layman’s terms. Moreover, we offer a demo to help you practice until you are comfortable with the live platform.

Follow the simple steps below to register an account with us and start making money through our trading system.

1. Register on Bitcoin Optimizer website and agree to our terms and conditions. Verify your contact details as prompted. You will be matched with one of our brokers to confirm the identity and provide proof to your current address. The verification measures are important since they protect your account from fraudsters.

2. Fund your Bitcoin Optimizer account with as little as USD 250. Please note that deposits happen through the partner broker since it’s their role to place the orders relayed by the robot. Deposits are free and can happen through bank transfer, debit and credit cards, or some e-wallets.

3. Please read our trading instructions and test the various functionalities of the live platform on our highly intuitive demo. We recommend at least thirty minutes of demo tests before trading on a live account.

4. Start generating profits with us by opening a live trading session. Please note that our robot is fully auto. You do not have to keep checking on your account to trade with us successfully. The Bitcoin Optimizer robot can earn you money while you sleep.

Facts about Bitcoin Optimizer

Bitcoin Optimizer has maintained popularity since the crypto boom of 2017. A lot of people have become rich through us, and we continue to improve our platforms to offer the best. Here are some fun facts about Bitcoin Optimizer.

  • Most of the traders who became wealthy during the crypto boom of 2017 were trading through the Bitcoin Optimizer robot..
  • Bitcoin Optimizer robot has received, and declined purchase offers worth billions of dollars from leading Wall Street Investment banks.
  • This robot has been featured in over 20 leading mainstream media and is also a top target for celebrity gossip and fake news.
  • Bitcoin Optimizer only accepts 1% of the millions of registration requests. Consider yourself extremely lucky if you secure a registration slot.
Bitcoin Optimizer and celebrities

For the last few years, our trading platform has gone viral. Its popularity has attracted all manner of news, including fake celebrity gossip.

  • Robert Kiyosaki and Bitcoin Optimizer – Kiyosaki is indeed upbeat about bitcoin. He has recently forecasted that it will hit $75k in the next two years. However, he hasn’t said anything about investing in it through the Bitcoin Optimizer robot. 
  • Phillipe Geubels and Bitcoin Optimizer – Geubels is a standup comedian with vast business interests, but it remains unclear if he is interested in our trading robot. We haven’t found any information suggesting that he is among our investors.
Is Bitcoin Optimizer scam? Final word!

We are a legit trading system powered by real technologies. Bitcoin Optimizer is the only trading robot that exclusively trades BTC CFDs at an extremely high win rate.

As mentioned above, the majority of those who try us end up making decent profits. We were launched in 2016 and were the key driving force of the bitcoin boom of 2016. Another boom is expected in 2020/2021, and hence this is the time to register with us.

We are highly profitable and less risky than the traditional way of investing in bitcoin. You can try us today through the link below.